The Turkey Day Meal Tour

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Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

We are entering into that time of year when we plan to get together with our family and loved ones to break bread. New traditions are created, old traditions continue, and a good hard laugh is typically had at someone’s expense (usually my brother Josh in my family). As always, Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday of the month and once again I have multiple Thanksgiving celebrations planned.

The festivities begin with the gathering of my friends from college. It will be our 8th annual ‘Friendsgiving’ which is always held the weekend before Thanksgiving. The host family rotates each year and they are required to do the turkey while the rest of us help with appetizers, sides, desserts, and of course wine. This year we will be at my friend and his wife’s house in Somerville (the one that got married this past April).

After I work off the Friendsgiving meal, a few days later is prime time – actual Thanksgiving. This year we will head down nice and early to my mother’s house in Hanover to cook breakfast and start to build up our appetite for the big meal. One of the reasons I need to arrive so early is because I am asked to help cook, specifically my world famous mashed potatoes. Every year I am required to make them for Friendsgiving as well as when I head to my mother’s house or they will not let me in! They are a russet potato base with a hint of garlic, chives, and to top it off, parmesan reggiano cheese.

Then we make the trek to Ashley’s parents’ house to continue the feasting as we enter the most pivotal point of the day – max capacity. What is Thanksgiving without feeling overstuffed!? Over the years we have also visited at her brother’s house to spend time with her two nieces. The girls typically venture out for some Black Friday shopping. While the men do not participate in the chaos at the malls, the internet gives us the ability to do plenty of damage on the shopping lists.

The meal tour rolls on as we head to my father’s house on Saturday for the last meal of the Thanksgiving celebrations. My father is a great cook, but not to be outdone by my grandmothers amazing baking capabilities. In my entire life, she has only made one dessert we didn’t enjoy. It was three years ago we all took our first bite in a piece of pie and we started looking around the table with the ‘what happened to this pie – is Gramma trying poison us’ look. Finally, my father broke the news about how bad it was. She then figured out that she forgot to add sugar to the pie. Luckily, she bakes about 3-4 desserts each time we have a family meal, so we had plenty of other sugar filled options to choose from.

If we do not have the chance to see you prior to Thanksgiving, we wish you a plentiful and joyful holiday with your family and loved ones.

Until next time…