Using the Left Side of My Brain For A Change

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By: Tom Fletcher CFP® 

I freely admit that I’m not known for being a talented painter. This includes around the house or on a canvas, but in this case I’m referring to the latter. I also have the handicap of having been color blind all my life. Between the two, it’s safe to say that any “artwork” produced by me is guaranteed to be worthless.

So I guess the last thing I wanted to do a couple of weeks ago was head out to a sip and paint establishment. As my wife can often do however; she talked me into going. This particular session was slated to be a couples event at the Muse Paint Bar, Assembly Row, in Somerville.  For the couples, the idea was for both participants to work on the same painting, but on two different canvases. Once complete, you put both canvases together and voila!, it creates one aligned painting, in theory anyway.

Having never been to one of these things before, I didn’t know what to expect. It should be somewhat obvious from the title that along with the painting, you were also allowed to have a drink or two from the cash bar to help you relax and get your creative juices flowing. Probably the reason I attended. They also had snacky type foods and deserts. There were about 15 couples in attendance and based on the artistic liberties taken by a few of the participants, I believe some were definitely regulars (and pretty accomplished). The painting session is led by an instructor who paints along with you at the front of the class and pretty much slowly walks you step by step through the process. It turned out to be a lot of fun and time well spent. And I think I could have done a lot worse. In the end I guess with all the instruction, even a caveman could have done a pretty good job. But wait, weren’t cavemen good at drawing?

Can you tell from the photo which side was mine?