Wanna Get Away?

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: Tom Fletcher

Prior to my son's spring school vacation last week, our family really wrestled with where to go to enjoy some time away from home. After our extraordinary New England winter, the ideal travel destination seemed to be someplace like Florida, California, or just about anywhere that was warm and sunny. We investigated a bunch of travel apps, web sites etc. that all advertised fabulous last minute deals, however the high air fare rates that exceeded $1,000 per person for school vacation week was well beyond our travel budget.  

It was time for a plan B.  My wife wrote down the names of any towns or cities within a two hour drive of Boston that we thought were worth visiting and threw them all into a hat. Newport, Rhode Island turned out to be our lucky winner. Newport may be jam packed in the summer, but during this time of year, you can easily find nice rooms to stay at reasonable prices with just about any hotel - all without making advanced reservations. We wound up staying at two winners: a private hotel cottage one night and on a large boat with a bed and breakfast the other.  

If you haven't checked out Newport before, or it's been a while since you last have, I'd suggest a visit. There are terrific restaurants, unique shopping, and of course the scenery is spectacular.  It's pretty tough to beat driving down Bellevue Avenue and viewing the enormous classic mansions on either side of the road with the ocean as a backdrop.  In addition to sightseeing and some shopping, we also did some glass blowing at a local store. 

Next year at this time, we're looking forward to pulling another name out of the hat and doing some spring exploring.