Wanna get away?

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By: Tom Fletcher, CFP®


Reminiscent of that old Southwest Air commercial, a few weeks ago our family had that “want to get away?” moment. I know this sounds trite in comparison to what many others on this planet have experienced with this virus, but we had had enough of being cooped up in the city staring at the same 4 walls, and just like everybody else, stressing about getting infected. R&R please!

It was one of those very last minute, spur of the moment things. At first it seemed there were endless amounts of properties to choose from on VRBO and Airbnb, but we had

some unusual criteria. My son has taken an interest in flying RC planes. He was hoping for a place on the water so that he could try flying his planes with pontoons on them for water landings and takeoffs. And saltwater wasn’t necessarily a good thing for his machines, so someplace on a lake was more suitable. That narrowed the list a tad. Well, and there was the dog. We couldn’t just leave Ozzie at home, and of course a kennel wouldn’t be much to his liking. Now this narrowed the list considerably. I required air conditioning and wifi, my wife a reasonable kitchen. We also needed the place the following week. Now we could count our options on one hand. It was time to roll the dice on one of them.

In hindsight we really lucked out. We found a place in Colchester, Vermont, right on Lake Champlain about 20 minutes outside of Burlington. The weather was picture perfect, we (and our neighbors) enjoyed watching my son do his evening aerial acrobatics every night, we got to see plenty of wildlife, and we were finally able to relax and get away from the daily grind, so to speak. Also we had an almost daily airshow of sorts as the Vermont Air National Guard (aka the Green Mountain Boys) would do practice maneuvers over our house with their F-35s. Loud and impressive! And I’m sure Ozzie was grateful he wasn’t sent to prison for the week.