What Was The Best Gift That You Received as a Kid?

US Wealth Napolitano |

With the holiday season upon us, we were reminiscing about Christmas past.  We asked ourselves... what was your favorite gift as a kid?


When thinking about my favorite childhood Christmas gift, there were a couple of front runners.  Hands Down Harry, the annual Slinky or the Black Schwinn 3 speed English Racer.  After 7 seconds of nostalgia and deliberation, the Schwinn won! My first big boy bike, with gears and hand brakes giving me the ability to pedal backwards!  Wow, I was so excited and pedaled all winter long through snow, rain and ice. 

– John Napolitano


I have a lot I can put on this list – I was a pretty lucky kid and loved by many. One of the cutest, most thoughtful gifts was from my Nana the Christmas after I graduated from Bryant University. I had just moved into my first apartment.  I was trying to save for my first new car and, eventually, my first home.  My Nana always liked to help out however she could. One of the many ways I saved money at the time was to bring my own lunch to work each day. So that Christmas morning when I unwrapped my gift, I found a 100-pack of brown paper lunch bags.   That was funny, thoughtful, and an inside joke we had between us. It wasn’t the most expensive gift I had ever received, but it was definitely one of the most thoughtful.

– Alex Weiss


Thanks to my parents’ and grandparents’ generosity, I have many happy memories of the Christmas presents I received as a kid over the years. Most were thoughtful, some were unique, and occasionally one or two bordered on the bizarre. One stands out from the rest: a steam engine. This particular model was designed like a factory floor, including a boiler, smokestack, wheel and pulley, and a very shrill whistle that drove our pet dog crazy. My friends and I never seemed to tire of adding water, waiting for the water to boil and seeing how fast we could get that wheel to spin. Just for the heck of it I looked on the Amazon website and there’s a pretty outstanding selection these days. Perhaps I should get one for the office.

– Tom Fletcher


As I have mentioned in a previous personal article, circa the year 2000, the Schulte family was spaced out across an entire aisle of a wide-body jet en route to Hawaii for Christmas. What I did not mention was that the four of us kids were each flush with fifty dollars in stone cold cash from Grandma as a gift. This was an unfathomable amount of money at the time, and my parents allowed us to haphazardly blow it on whatever caught our eye. I spent all of it the first day on a shark tooth and four packets of professional surfer sports trading cards—who knew there was such a thing? The next day I had a serious case of buyer’s remorse and threw a full-blown tantrum when I wasn’t able to buy a replacement car stereo I found at a flea market. What would a seven-year-old need a replacement car stereo for you may ask? That’s a wonderful question. 

– Tom Schulte