Where Were You When...

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By: Alex Weiss, CFP®

I haven’t lived through too many of those moments when you can specifically answer the infamous question: “Where were you when [insert world event] happened?” I wasn’t around when JFK was assassinated, but I was enrolled at Hanover High School on September 11th, 2001.

I was in Mr. Ralph Miller’s freshman Biology class, just getting up to speed on how to be a high schooler. Then, all of a sudden, the loudspeaker came on with the announcement of the horrible terrorist attacks that had happened. After the announcement, Mr. Miller quickly claimed that this must have been a prank and we swiftly got back to the all-important biology textbook. At the end of the class when the bell rang, we packed our backpacks, got out of our seats, and left to go to our next class. This is when we realized that the announcement we heard was not a prank at

all, but something much more serious. We were the only class that emptied into what is usually a bustling hallway. Just about all of our class walked across the hall to set our eyes on a TV (on those wheeled stands that we all remember) broadcasting live pictures of the Twin Towers. Even at that young age, it was gut-wrenching. Hard to believe September 11th was 20 years ago. 

Fast forward to today, life is much different. I did graduate high school even though I missed my graduation. Quick sidebar and a fun fact most do not know about me: I was in the State track meet which was the same day and I opted to run vs. get my diploma (I still think my parents hold that against me!). To my knowledge, and my brother’s dismay, I believe our 4x100 team still owns our high school record.

We did enjoy this beautiful 9/11 by picking some apples with family and enjoying the world we live in.

Until next time…