You can take the Boy out of the Bronx…

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By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST


Or can you?  It’s been a long time since the days when I attended Mount St. Michael Academy in the Bronx (7th – 9th Grade). But that doesn’t diminish my memories of the few things that I cherished most from those early teen years.

They come in a few of my favorite categories.





This past weekend, I actually bat for the cycle and was able to accomplish all 4, NY style, while at a family wedding at Fordham University followed by a rockin’ reception at the Bronx Zoo! Yes, it was as cool as you may imagine and congratulations to Chris and Kristin.

As far as food goes, all I need to say to a NY’er is that we went to Arthur Avenue and City Island. But for those of us not from there or living there anymore. All I can say is WOW. Best Octupus that I’ve ever had, including many special places on the Amalfi Coast.

As far as sports goes, it’s old news that I’m a converted Yankees to Red Sox Fan. But a little known fact is my love for little league baseball.   I played, coached and still miss those days. While gazing out my hotel window, I could see parents and children gathering for what looked like a big time LL Baseball game. I wandered over and watched the last 5 innings of a LL regional game; Throgs Neck V Staten Island. Staten Island won 4-0.

And my favorite pastime of all, beautiful gardens. That love developed when growing up in neighborhoods where a 10 X 20 yard was huge. They were landscaped to the 9’s. Even better than those, however are the NY Botanical Gardens. Nestled in between Fordham University and The Bronx Zoo lie 250 acres of incredible horticulture from flowers and rain forests through magnificent trees.