Your Not So Last Minute Gift Shopping Guide

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By: Jennifer Kovalski

Now is the time of year where many people are working down their Christmas lists, picking out gifts that they hope  their loved ones will enjoy. Unfortunately for my loved ones, they have yet to be bought anything because I am still scoping out the holiday sales for myself.

Typically, I (and Tom Fletcher), do frantic last minute shopping on Christmas Eve partially because I have found my loved ones particularly challenging to buy gifts for. Last evening when I was talking with a friend on our gift giving plights, I decided to comprise a list of ideas for those in need of some direction in their gift giving.

Aside from the typical club of the months (which some are really great) and the latest Xbox, or Apple product, here are a few gift ideas…

  • An Ancestry DNA Kit. There are many different kinds and add-ons, so if someone has a multitude of heritages, they may learn something new, plus you can potentially connect with other long lost relatives who may have also taken the test and are on their registry.
  • A Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader. I love mine! I keep it in my purse and I don’t need a book-night light, and the reader itself doesn’t hurt your eyes. Yes, a good old fashioned book is great too, but this is convenience.
  • A wireless Soundbar for the tv. Many of us have nice tv’s mounted on our walls, a wireless soundbar really does make you feel like you are at a live game!
  • A Hello Fresh or Blue Apron food delivery service subscription, great for young adults. You can ask Alex who is a fan of Hello Fresh. A subscription to Amazon Prime is a good one too.
  • Something Tom Fletcher showed me, a Robot Window Washer. Tom and a friend can attest that they do a pretty good job. Beats standing on a ladder, and it kind of looks like a big fidget spinner.
  • If you have a chef in your life- a great set high quality knives or grill tools. R.Murphy Knives is high quality and made in the good ole MA of USA.
  • For the beer lovers, check out a Pressurized Growler. This allows you to fill up with your favorite kind of beer and then store it in your fridge with a mini cO2 tank attached allowing you to essentially have it on tap. For those with a favorite local brewery, this is pretty cool.
  • Rodan and Fields Eye Lash Enhancer. Yes, this is for mainly women, and it is about looks, but the stuff does work. Warning, you may have to explain that nothing is wrong with her eyelashes as they are right now, just that you thought she’d want lashes like the Kardashians.
  • Speaking of eyes, a pair of nice sunglasses are always a great gift. Rayban, Warby Parker and Maui Jims are a can’t miss. An insider tip is to wait for “friends and family’ sales at bigger stores like Macy’s, you can usually get 20-35% off the designer sunglasses.
  • For those that like experiences, a gift card for golf or tennis lessons, or even a boat rental for a day is pretty neat too.

Lastly, a pair of Ugg’s are always appreciated, they have great slippers and boots. And for the man in your life, Tom Brady wears Ugg’s so they can too.