Spring Planting

John Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

As I peer into the ten day forecast, it appears as if there is only one night where the temperature drops below the 50 degree mark.  While that’s no guarantee that there won’t be another frost, I’m going to roll the dice and get some fussy plants into the ground early this year. I’ll call this process cheating spring and gambling that Mother Nature won’t blow her north winds and freeze out my little startups.

This desire to start early began about ten years ago.  So far, I’ve been frosted out twice. The first time my annual plants looked half dead until late July. The second time there was no saving them, so we went and bought a second round.

This year, it’s been two weeks since my little spring cheat has begun.  No fatalities thus far, but the basil definitely isn’t looking too good while the Parsley and Thyme are thriving. There is nothing better than using your own fresh herbs to season everything. I also put some flowers in a window box, thinking that its proximity to the front porch and the home would keep it be protected; so far, so good.   

As you may recall, we are a little less than one year into our new home.  This is the first spring that I’m getting to see what comes out of the ground, and while there are a few surprises from the prior land owners, the biggest surprise is how darn fast the weeds pop up and take over flower beds that have been unattended to in years. 

I’m still unsure about how I plan to design the backyard.  Before we built, there was a 100 year old house in bad disrepair that we had to tear down.  The yard, which is what really sold me is almost one full acre within ¼ of Scituate Harbor. Very convenient, and a lot of land in this older section of town developed well over a century ago. I hope to have my final design done before summer ends so we can get some shovels into the ground.  A pizza oven is on that list somewhere.

In the meantime, my veggies will go into pots and planters, and I’ll enjoy seeing my trees and shrubs bloom for the first time under my watch.  I’ve done quite a bit of landscaping the past 40 years, but this is my first complete design from drawings to plant selections to overseeing their planting.  Pretty exciting for me.