Welcome Chrissy!

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Welcome Chrissy!

This week we would like to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Chrissy McCormack.  Just about everyone reading this article will have the pleasure of interacting with her at some point in the future as she becomes an important and integral part of our team. Chrissy will be participating in the day-to-day operations of the team as we continue to improve the lives of the clients we work with. When we hired Chrissy, we were most impressed by her welcoming personality, attention to detail, and ability/desire to continue learning. And even better, she’s been at USWM for 4 years, so she knows the drill and has jumped right in.

We figured the best way for you to get to know Chrissy is to share more about her background. She was born and raised in Scituate, MA. Currently, she resides in Cohasset, MA with her husband and teenage son. Chrissy, like most people living in the southern coast, loves being on, in, or near the ocean for as much of the year as possible. You can find Chrissy in Cohasset or Scituate Harbor before, during, and after the official summer months. If you want to know where the striped bass are running or where to get the best bait, give her a call.

Here are some of Chrissy’s favorites:

Pastimes: Boating, Kayaking, Fishing, Clamming (anything on the water)

Food:  Pizza and Steak

Beverage: Water and Bud Light

Color: Caribbean Blue

Lucky number: 143. Minot Lighthouse in Cohasset flashes 1 for (I), 4 for (Love) and 3 for (You)!  Captains’ wives used to man the lighthouse while their husbands battled the seas.  They would knit sweaters for their return and flash the light as 1  4  3 so the Captains, (Husbands) could see.

Favorite vacation spot:  Hawaii (North Shore)

Sports team:  SCI-COH Football (Scituate/Cohasset) pop warner team that my 13 year old son is on. 

Favorite Hobby:  Volunteering my and time to help others.  (In keeping my mother’s memory alive).

Charity of choice:  Veterans (I am on the Board of Post 118 American Legion Auxiliary where we raise money for our Veterans and their families and we provide scholarships to Veterans children/grandchildren, etc.)   EmpowerHer (non-profit organization – based out of Scituate) that acts as mentors and raises money for girls of any age (mostly young girls) that have lost their mother.  This organization raises money and takes these young ladies on several trips throughout the year (most importantly – a New York shopping spree on Mother’s Day).  They pair these girls up with women like myself who are older and lost their moms and can act as a mentor to these young girls.

Over the course of the next few weeks and months you will all have the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Chrissy. In the meantime, if she happens to pick up the phone when you call, please pass along a friendly hello.