Project #1

It has been a few months since the purchase of the condo and everything is findings its place.  As some of you may know, my condo is in Boston and it doesn’t have a lot of extra room to just ‘throw stuff in the basement,’ of which I was accustomed to growing up. Organization is key - not just for knowing what items are located where, but how can you fit the maximum amount of stuff into a specific area.

One of the few rooms that was not being properly utilized was the bathroom. This recognition led to the creation of a plan for my first large project.

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All in the Family’s Personal Finances

No, not the TV show. I’m talking about your family.

When asked by the local daily newspaper, The Patriot Ledger, about my economic commentary for the month of December, the question threw me.  The question was: what was my personal financial resolution for 2015? Being a financial professional, this caused me to think hard and long.  I believe that I’ve come up with two that are going to be great.

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7 Out of 7

It’s a wrap – at least on the wedding season for 2014. This year has been full of fun and enjoyable events and somehow we also fit in all 7 weddings. Each wedding was a successful event with relationships flourishing and personalities on center stage. One of the things I observed was that each wedding was unique and had to balance multiple personalities. At the end of the day, planning for the big day is not too dissimilar to planning for financial independence.

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Packing Up

Packing up prior to a move can be a bittersweet moment with a lot of unexpected side effects. It seems to me that cardboard boxes all of a sudden become as rare and valuable as diamonds and you always find 15 single socks that you have been looking for. As I prepare to move, I have to look at both the good and the bad to make sure I stay at an even keel. No one wants to have the bad aspects, which are plentiful, take over.

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The Rule of 168

The rule of 168 isn’t some fancy way of seeing how fast your money doubles or a code section from the IRS, it is a law of life.  The law is that there are only 168 hours in a week, and you need to use them wisely if you want to live your ideal life that you dream about.

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Pre-Wedding Season & Planning

Pre-Wedding Season

It is about that time of year when Ashley and I start to receive “save the date” notifications for weddings. Typically we see one from a relative, and as we're now getting older, a friend as well. 

This year Ashley and I have been invited to five weddings and we already have one scheduled for 2015. This can be a magical time for the people getting married, but as we watch the planning unfold - the drama begins. I don't want to turn this article into a reality TV episode, but I think you know exactly what I am talking about. 

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Financial Cyber-Safety

In this world of electronic gratification from e mail through electronic investment statements, we’d like to personalize it just a bit by bringing to your attention some of the finer points of conducting safe on line commerce when dealing with U.S. Wealth Management or any financial partner.

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