A star is (almost) born

Along with millions of other Americans this past weekend, I too watched Lin-Manuel Miranda’s, Hamilton on Disney+ with my family in Syracuse. I knew I would enjoy the performance based on the hype and Miranda’s three episode stint on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, however I still grossly underestimated the greatness of the show. It was so good that it made me question my own creative talents. Lin wrote the entire story, developed the score and played the leading role of the late Alexander Hamilton. I find myself asking, ‘what have I done?’ With a bit of reflection and a heartbreaking trip down memory lane with my mother, I believe we were able to locate the precise moment that my career in the theater was tragically derailed.
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Do it for the Article

Believe it or not, I quite enjoy writing these personal articles. My days at U.S. Wealth Management as a Financial Planning Associate primarily deal with analysis, reporting, client communication (among other duties), however the personal article offers a much needed creative outlet. The main issue many of us struggle with when beginning the articles are finding good ideas to write about.

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The (Not So) Handy Man

By: Thomas Schulte

My father is poor with his hands. My father’s father was poor with his hands. My father’s, father’s father was a rural Kansas farmer, so it’s fair to assume he was at least somewhat skilled with his hands. In conclusion, when tasked with purchasing and moving a large sectional sofa into our small, second floor apartment last week, we ran into our fair share of problems…

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