Our Favorite Holiday Treats

By: The Napolitano Team

The holidays always give us a reason to enjoy some delicious treats. Homemade cakes, cookies and chocolates are a mainstay in our office’s kitchen from Thanksgiving to New Years. While indulging in some amazing homemade chocolate chip cookies recently, we started sharing our favorite desserts and all of the memories that accompany them. It’s amazing how we never forget how much we love a holiday dessert, even if we only get to enjoy it once a year!


By: John P Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

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The (Not So) Handy Man

By: Thomas Schulte

My father is poor with his hands. My father’s father was poor with his hands. My father’s, father’s father was a rural Kansas farmer, so it’s fair to assume he was at least somewhat skilled with his hands. In conclusion, when tasked with purchasing and moving a large sectional sofa into our small, second floor apartment last week, we ran into our fair share of problems…

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