The World's Largest Stage

The Super Bowl is the largest stage for any kind of venue anywhere. Playing in it must be surreal. Going to it, according to friends who have been, is like Las Vegas for Football. But my favorite part is knowing that wherever you go, the game will be shown and you can pick and choose your venue from the comfort of your couch to a big screen at the Bellagio Sports Book in Vegas.

Curious to know how The Nap Team spends their Super Bowl? Be curious no more as we each share one of our favorite aspects of this crazy day now in its 53rd year.


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I’ve cut the cord, but should you?

By: Tom Schulte

I am frugal. Better yet, I am cheap. You’d find me in outer space before seeing me seated in one of Fenway Park’s premium sections. And while a cheap mentality does wonders for a financial plan, that is not necessarily my main cost-conscious driver. Instead, it’s the idea of unnecessary expenses that keeps me up at night.

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Seasonal Sadness

By: Tom Schulte

Being an abnormally large child, mired by the responsibilities of a fully-grown adult, I have forgotten how badly the brisk cold of winter affects the activities and playtime of my fellow children and peers. Yes sledding, snowball fights, and fort-making are the cornerstones of winter fun, but the wet clothes and constant numbing of the body becomes old quite fast. And while we are in the midst yet another damning winter storm, this past weekend’s warmth reminded me of why I remain in the Northeast.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving Abroad

By: Thomas W. Schulte

While I hate to admit it, my mother’s twenty-three year prophecy has come true—Thanksgiving has dethroned Christmas as our family’s favorite holiday. Yes, Christmas is a longer, more joyous time, but in our house Thanksgiving is a day (or two) of tranquility and relaxation. A day in which I am encouraged to become ‘one with the couch’ and indulge in coma-like naps. And though I patiently await this year’s Turkey Day, I’d be lying if I said Thanksgiving has always been a positive experience—let me explain….

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