Celebrating Thanksgiving Abroad

By: Thomas W. Schulte

While I hate to admit it, my mother’s twenty-three year prophecy has come true—Thanksgiving has dethroned Christmas as our family’s favorite holiday. Yes, Christmas is a longer, more joyous time, but in our house Thanksgiving is a day (or two) of tranquility and relaxation. A day in which I am encouraged to become ‘one with the couch’ and indulge in coma-like naps. And though I patiently await this year’s Turkey Day, I’d be lying if I said Thanksgiving has always been a positive experience—let me explain….

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

I had been told getting married was well worth the honeymoon alone. Admittedly, I am beginning to believe them! A lot of people have been asking about the trip, so I wanted to share the places we went and a few of our favorite pictures.

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